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Alessio Rastani with GREAT advice on BBC

Finally some truth on TV…I’m not surprised BBC would have the guts to have people speak the truth unlike CNBC and their pointless jabber at times to distract you.

Will the card parallel the nicer interference?

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Roller Coaster Ride Leads to More Panic Selling…

So its been a few long months, I had a lot of changes (positive) in my personal life which caused me to shift a few things around. Unfortunately, I was unable to discuss many of the stock movements. I will gradually ease into this again and hope people will continue follow and share in the discussions.

Happy Investing!

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Dividend Stocks – The Other Side

When some people look at stocks, they watch the dividend payout. This payout can be a substantial source of income for those that are looking to have a new revenue stream when in their later years. Personally, I like this plan of action and do own stocks in my long portfolio that do just this. Currently the pay out is not substantial, but I’m young and not overly concerned about having this as my income source.

Now, there is always two sides to all stories. [Read the rest of this entry...]

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Mid-East Impact on the Markets

Here is a few quick things to think about during a mid-east crisis as we are experiencing right now.

All of us are going to see higher prices at the gas station, this is a great reason to be holding commodity stocks like oil, gas as well as a safe haven like gold.

On the other side, high oil prices are hurting [Read the rest of this entry...]

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