There is no get rich overnight scheme that will work. There are no magic beans that you can plant to have your own money tree. But coming to this blog is the first step in the right direction towards a brighter financial future. Lets learn and earn!

by stopnlook
I’m under 30yrs old and have now been investing in the stock market since the age of read correct, I was playing the market before the last tech bubble burst and have learned quite a bit along the way…

From my initial investment portfolio of $20K which I used in an trading account with TD Waterhouse…I have watched it triple before it crashed into almost nothing (all thanks to greed)…since then, I have worked hard to learn the market so I’m less greedy and more of an educated investor…the second time around I added another $20K which I got from working while in university and have substantially increased this into a healthy six figure value which is growing yearly into a handsome income.

I spend as little time as possible investing in the stock markets. I pick my trades, execute and profit. My record is speaking for itself. I am not lucky, nor am I smarter than anyone else out there. I am a regular person with the same financial goal of independence. You can do the same. Track my nightly summaries of the market activities and plots for the following day, enjoy my Sunday series where I simplify the stock market one small topic at a time (for free!) or on Mondays when I try to share some money saving freebie to kick start that dreaded beginning of the work week. No membership, no costs, all for your financial health.

I’m going to use this blog to answer topics and simplify market data so you can better position yourself. I will also talk about many other financial topics and ideas that can help you save more money that you can enjoy for other things. I’m not going to push anyone to buy any stock, nor can I promise you a life similar to those seen on MTV cribs, but what I can do is, think out loud and share my logic for what I do to make money grow so I have more to enjoy and less time thinking about how to make ends meet.

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When Bulls Battle Bears...

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Enjoy the site and lets make some money!!

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