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Goals in 2009 and Income Setup

Since I’m still in holiday mode, I did not trade today. Instead, I have decided to layout my course of action in a general sense for 2009. In my trading account, I have $151,000 US to invest compared to the year before where I started off with about $95,000. In my “income” account (which I [...]

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Must Read for 2009!

Happy 2009 Everyone! As many of you already know, I’m all about education, expanding the mind in order to succeed and to do this, one must read. As 2009 begins, I know many of use resolve to do better in life. For some, the motivation can be found easily within, for others, like myself, we [...]

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End of Year Summary! Read for my profits & 2008 income…

So 2008 is coming to an end, and for me, stock trading is over for this year! As I prepare for 2009 and all the money that can be made, I reflect and share my trades and the income that I managed to make this fine year. For some, 2008 was a financial hell, to [...]

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Post Christmas Update – How I raised and spent money for a good cause

Since I started this blog two months ago, my readership has grown slowly without advertising or SPAM or anything. Well a couple of weeks back, I began to raise some money for the Daily Bread Food Bank via PayPal donations and other methods that I employed. I am going to quickly break down the funds [...]

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