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Roller Coaster Ride Leads to More Panic Selling…

So its been a few long months, I had a lot of changes (positive) in my personal life which caused me to shift a few things around. Unfortunately, I was unable to discuss many of the stock movements. I will gradually ease into this again and hope people will continue follow and share in the [...]

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Dividend Stocks – The Other Side

When some people look at stocks, they watch the dividend payout. This payout can be a substantial source of income for those that are looking to have a new revenue stream when in their later years. Personally, I like this plan of action and do own stocks in my long portfolio that do just this. [...]

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Mid-East Impact on the Markets

Here is a few quick things to think about during a mid-east crisis as we are experiencing right now. All of us are going to see higher prices at the gas station, this is a great reason to be holding commodity stocks like oil, gas as well as a safe haven like gold. On the [...]

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My Picks Are Up (updated)

Yesterday I mentioned Comstock Homebuilding (CHCI), today at the open, its up 8+%..update, this stock is at 1.91, this is an increase of 25.6% Previous to that, I mentioned my buy into CytRx (CYTR) which I got in at $0.80 and felt it was on the push up. Its up 12%….update, this stock is at [...]

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