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Stocks Down Two Days in a Row

Perfect timing for me in some ways. Being away for the last two days and having a chance to look at the stocks, I see that for the last two days, the common direction in the market has been down and in the red. Tuesday the markets fell roughly 1% which is not bad, but [...]

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Watch a bank get seized by the FDIC

Did you ever wonder what the process was when a bank fails? What happens to all the money and bank accounts after the fact? These were questions that I was always interested in and thanks to 60 Minutes (TV News Show), there was a 13min segment on the entire process. I found this video and [...]

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Wednesday was a good day…for some

Now all news tonight is talking about how today was a big rally, a big really for financial stocks which went up today in the range of 17-28% depending on the stock that you got into. Hopefully when I say you got into, it was BEFORE today. Look at any bank stock today, all were [...]

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Two words today…Cha Ching!

oh man oh man! haha…its usually an okay time investing a few hours a day while doing other things, but today was one of those harvest days. There was a 6:1 ratio on the market today on winners to losers. Everyone that bought today probably walked away a winner. Today has been great and after-hours [...]

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