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Simplified Sunday #22 – Real Estate Investing

So its been a while since I did a Simplified Sunday installment. Why? To be quite honest, its getting harder to find time with more projects in my personal life piling up. Since I have time today, I thought I would share a topic that can be widely utilized to tapping into financial gains. Owning [...]

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Simplified Sunday #21 – Learning to Let Go and Cutting Losses

You worked hard to create a portfolio that should be making you money, but sadly, your stock is losing value. Don’t worry if that is the case, as we all have had times when we one holding was sinking like the Titanic. You want to sell, but you can’t stand to think of selling out [...]

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Simplified Sunday #20 – Question Bag – When to Trade? Why Bold Symbols?

So this week I have two questions that stood out from my weekly questions I get in my email. I try to answer most if not all as soon as I get a chance, but with some being interesting like the two I have today, I think its good to share. Question #1 When is [...]

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Simplified Sunday #19 – Tips All Long Term Investors Should Use

So the last few weeks I have talked a little in depth about short selling stocks. While this might be a strategy some find useful. Others prefer to hold stocks for long term gain. As we have seen in the past months, a strong buy back came into the stock market and many bargain priced [...]

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