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Valentines Day Tips:

Its one week until Valentines day. Many people that I know usually wait until the morning of to drive to the nearest gas station to get some wrinkled flowers at inflated prices to show their love towards their spouse, GF, etc. Well with a few days to spare, I have compiled a list of deals [...]

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How to make some free money in your free time

Well sometimes making money from work, stock market is great, but a few extra dollar each week would be even better? Don’t you agree? So that got me thinking a week ago with a banner that started popping up on my site. On the top of my page I get banners rotating with sponsors that [...]

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Post Christmas Update – How I raised and spent money for a good cause

Since I started this blog two months ago, my readership has grown slowly without advertising or SPAM or anything. Well a couple of weeks back, I began to raise some money for the Daily Bread Food Bank via PayPal donations and other methods that I employed. I am going to quickly break down the funds [...]

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Last Minute Shopping? Here are some quick ideas!!

Okay, reading takes time and today some of you have none of that. I did some searching and found some quick last minute gift ideas that are practical and dont scream last minute gift like a jug of washer fluid from a gas station. (I know some of you have done that!) When heading out [...]

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