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Alessio Rastani with GREAT advice on BBC

Finally some truth on TV…I’m not surprised BBC would have the guts to have people speak the truth unlike CNBC and their pointless jabber at times to distract you. Will the card parallel the nicer interference?

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Neil Pasricha: The 3 A’s of awesome

This is a great lecture from TED that I had sent to me the other day. It’s not geared towards the stock market, or real estate or money for that matter if your looking for a literal connection. But if you take the time to listen and adapt the message into your life, you might [...]

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Cry Me a River

Regardless of how much money you make, no matter what you do in life, there is always a hater that is going to try to ruffle your feathers. Its more often than not that I get questioned about my incomes and subsequent reasoning as to how I spend my money or shall I say, prefer [...]

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The Power of a Message

To some, an advert on TV is just a pointless waste sandwiched between bits of their favorite show. Most of the time, I will agree with this sentiment. But once in a while, a marketing company will come up with something that will not only get your attention, but give you powerful message in less [...]

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