Okay, this first part is for my American readers only, but PASS THE INFO OUT!!

Once again, this is breaking before the Monday Freebie date so more of you can take advantage of this download.

This might not last long, but there is a link I found for free tax software from Turbo Tax 2008 Business.

So do you have a small business and need to file taxes for 2008? This link will save you $120!!

Turbo Tax Business
This is what the info is from the site:

Corporations, Partnerships, & LLCs
$109.95 FREE Federal Download for Windows
Because once you try it, we think you’ll be a customer for life.
eFile Included | Business State Additional

So does this apply to you? I know many readers here have a small business and this is an amazing piece of software that can save you time, and money. Don’t worry, this is a legit copy and not something pirated. Turbo Tax is running a promotion right now to show users how solid their program is and they know you will be hooked for years to come.

*You will have to register some information before you can download the free copy*

Here is the link: Turbo Tax Business

Now, if you are looking for Personal Tax Software for free, here is a link to download Turbo Tax Personal “Free Edition” – This is for 1040EZ & Simple Returns. Once you are at the site, look for the botton on the left hand side.

FREE Federal
Free efile included
State Additional

If you have a simple
tax return, TurboTax Free Edition is the
easy way to do your taxes and get your maximum tax refund.

If you live in Canada and are looking for a way to shave the expenses of paying to get your taxes done, don’t worry. I have a link for you that is going to update in a few weeks. Its from the government and based on certain criteria (listed on the site) you may be able to get your taxes done, with assistance, for no charge. Click here for the link!!

Well, I hope that you can utilize these sources to keep more of that money in your pocket for better uses. These are some free sources that can help you file taxes which we all must do at some point in the next few months.

Happy Investing!

Aman, MBA

**Edit** – I just got another link emailed to me from a reader that I thought might be of use. TaxAct has been around for 10years providing free returns. I looked for some reviews and along with the readers info, this site is also good for free Personal Returns in the US, you pay an extra $18 to file state but its still cheaper than other sources.

I just got word from a rep at H&R Block that they will be offering free filing for personal taxes including Federal e-file. This is for basic returns only for those looking for yet another option. H&R block is widely known. Here is the link: File for FREE at hrblock.com

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