Got your attention? I’m sure it did :)

We have all heard about Groupon by this point, and if you have not, the premise of the site is to offer discounts to various places in cities all over the world if a large enough group makes the same buy. Some companies like Gap, to Spa’s, Hotels, and Restaurants have taken advantage of this very popular site.

If your a customer taking advantage of these super cheap deals, you might wonder why or how business can run on having 50% (or more) off of their normal values. Well, its simple, when you take into consideration the sheer volume generated with no advertising overhead. These stores are still coming ahead. Plus, they hope to capture you for repeat business back at their regular prices.

Now, here is how I was going to get the $10 in your pocket.

BuyWithMe is a new player, there are many sites coming into play that all offer similar, if not the same deals. It is essentially a matter of personal preference on which site you want to join or follow. BuyWithMe has a $10 registration promotion going on right now. All you have to do is create an account on their site, and you will get a $10 credit.

I did this today, and used the $10 credit to buy a $20 voucher for food and drink at a local bar. So technically speaking, I made $20.

Give them a try!

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