Here is a few quick things to think about during a mid-east crisis as we are experiencing right now.

All of us are going to see higher prices at the gas station, this is a great reason to be holding commodity stocks like oil, gas as well as a safe haven like gold.

On the other side, high oil prices are hurting airlines which now pay more for fuel, have cut off certain routes which is all hurting their bottom line. I’d be shorting or avoiding this sector.

Shipping is going to get expensive too. This will bring the shipping sector to a slow because items are costing more to make, prices increase which is not what consumers want. Retail should start to slow. Food prices will go up. Already cotton prices are very high and clothing companies reported they would be increasing their prices 5-10%, this will just add to the mess.

I was not really playing the markets this week on an aggressive manner. On Sunday I did tweet that the Bulls might be resting after a strong open in January. I was looking forward to a healthy correction which is what some are calling this current sell-off.

Hope this helps navigate you around the market pull-back.

Happy Investing!

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