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Freebie Monday #42– FREE Forbes Business Magazine

Its been a while since I had a worthy Freebie. For those that are thinking I’m “making money”, or digressing from investing, your hate is taken with love. I can make a big dollars from investing, but like Warren Buffet, I will never block an opportunity to save money.

For the rest that want to save $100 on a year subscription when comparing this to buying each issue from a store. Enjoy! [Read the rest of this entry...]

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My Picks Are Up (updated)

Yesterday I mentioned Comstock Homebuilding (CHCI), today at the open, its up 8+%..update, this stock is at 1.91, this is an increase of 25.6%

Previous to that, I mentioned my buy into CytRx (CYTR) which I got in at $0.80 and felt it was on the push up. Its up 12%….update, this stock is at $0.96 right now, I’m up 20%

Hope your picks for the week have made your portfolio grow.

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One Crazy Week

I’m not sure where to start, if you follow my Twitter account, you probably are aware of my ISSUE with DirectTV. Our private problem was not resolved since I got their service back in November and decided to air my problems in public. What was the result? They called me.

Because DirectTV cannot provide me service adequate service as stated within the contract that requires me to pay monthly, I was unable to utilize my Bloomberg and CNBC shows which I’m normally tuned into around 5:30am while at the gym. Yes, the early bird gets the worm, and if you want to make money, you need to get up and scan the news feeds BEFORE everyone else begins to crawl out of bed. Build your strategy and make moves!

Okay, I went on a tangent. [Read the rest of this entry...]

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Facebook Might Allow Employees to Sell $1Billion in Shares

Here is a quick thing to think about today as you play the market and occasionally log onto Facebook.

Many of us have heard many times about the potential IPO of Facebook. Silicon Valley, and many financial institutions are eagerly drooling at this potential money maker. But many insiders are hearing that this IPO still may not happen. Why not? [Read the rest of this entry...]

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