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Market wrapped for me this Christmas.

Well that is it for this week. I pulled a whopping 35mins at the “office” on Tuesday and will probably do about the same today before calling it for the week. With low trading volumes, any major rally or drop will not happen this week unless some super bad news comes out. It seems that [...]

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Nortel goes POP at the open!

So yesterday, last week AND the week before I stated that Nortel cannot go bust. The price at which I began to follow the fall was around 0.50/share and felt that 0.24 was a comfortable bottom. Well the bottom touched yesterday at 0.22/share and then just rocketed up to 0.32/share!! Tell me a gain of [...]

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What is going on…?

britepic_id=”898289″; britepic_src=”http://bullsbattlebears.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/financial-crisis.jpg”; britepic_keywords=”stock%20market,%20financial%20crisis,%20recession”; britepic_show_ads=1; britepic_show_menu=0; britepic_href=”http%3A//”; So this week is literally taking the piss out of me…anyone feeling the crunch? The US government decided out of nowhere to change the direction of the rescue ship and are going in a whole different direction now. Okay, so some might argue that this is good, while others [...]

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My perspective on things this week…

For the ones that have played the markets in the last 5-8days, we have seen assets get wiped clean from our portfolios, some have lost 10% of a well diversified portfolio (which is good) while the ones that made riskier moves are so far on the hook for losses that range from 25-50+% of our [...]


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