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Thursday better be good!

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week have been ugly for investors. With bad news, more requests for bailouts and pending collapse of the American financial system probably on the horizon, its probably only wishful thinking to hope for a rally Thursday. Here is a realistic prediction of a bear market rally. I totally agree with [...]

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Not since the 80′s…

Like the title above mentions, not since the 1980′s have we seen a rally of this magnitude occur. Let me break this down a little more. How many weeks or even months have gone by with minor one day late bull runs on the market with the next day a promised fall back to depressed [...]

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Citigroup Update!

Okay, some late news has just come out and I wanted to it post here…Citigroup has been given protection on $300 billion in loans and also $20 billion cash from the government. As the story is developing, you can search for in depth coverage off the wires as more clear information comes about. Basically this [...]

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