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Another green day on the market and money in my pocket!

So this morning I made some stock buys and just now have dumped all of those for profits…not a bad money day today…let me break this one down… I made today: profit of: 2.50/share on RIMM today = $250 1.00/share on Citigroup today = $500 0.11/share on FRE = $550 1.25/share on MER = $281 [...]

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Some morning buys:

Okay so at the open I grabbed a few stocks and will see how they fair: RIMM: 100 shares @ 42.00/share C (Citigroup): 500 shares @ 6.25/share FRE (Freddie Mac): 5000 shares @0.67/share MER: 225 shares @ 10.75/share At the moment I may hold for a few hours, or longer. I will how the swings [...]

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