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DOW Nearly Touches 10000 Monday!

With the momentum of optimism from earnings this season, the stock markets all rose to new levels before pulling back from their peaks. Gold pulled yet another record closing price which is affirming for some that shelter is still wise. However, when dollar falls, gold price go up but Bond prices should ALSO fall. This [...]

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A Step Back Tuesday

The amazing earnings posted by (GS) on Tuesday were not strong enough to charge the stocks forward after the retail indicators released in the morning showed poor data. This caused the stocks to fall in general with banks really coming down. Its crazy to think that I had a text message on my cell phone [...]

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Financials are winners Monday! + Tuesday Earnings

Monday was a a continuation of a great rally on the markets. Although overall the boards remained flat or negative, sectors like the financials pulled out heavy gains again on further upgrades and praise from outsiders. There was good volume on all ends of the market and it seems like more people are starting to [...]

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Winning Thursday!

I am amazed right now. Let me quickly go back to Wednesday when I posted a few stocks to watching before their earnings were posted. I did talk about (RAD) and (RIMM). Well Rite Aid popped today over 20% from its bottom but even better is a stock that I got into…RIMM…Research in Motion is [...]

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