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Monday Picks:

Well everyone, we are getting close to the end of 2009. There are a few days left to squeeze out a couple of strong trades and make some more money. Today will be no exception. Looking at the Asian market right now, the volume levels are low as can be expected and the numbers are [...]

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Another green day on the market and money in my pocket!

So this morning I made some stock buys and just now have dumped all of those for profits…not a bad money day today…let me break this one down… I made today: profit of: 2.50/share on RIMM today = $250 1.00/share on Citigroup today = $500 0.11/share on FRE = $550 1.25/share on MER = $281 [...]

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Some morning buys:

Okay so at the open I grabbed a few stocks and will see how they fair: RIMM: 100 shares @ 42.00/share C (Citigroup): 500 shares @ 6.25/share FRE (Freddie Mac): 5000 shares @0.67/share MER: 225 shares @ 10.75/share At the moment I may hold for a few hours, or longer. I will how the swings [...]

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