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Monday Drops

Monday was another day where profit taking and negative news from Government really pulled the stocks down. Again, the two sectors to fall were autos and banks. Both were falling on negative news with (GM) falling on the fact that the CEO was ousted by the government and have been given an ultimatum to fix [...]

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Monday Watch:

With a good week behind us, the thoughts of a positive start to the week are starting to decrease as markets overseas head lower on poor bank outlooks (again) as well as the sudden resignation of the GM CEO who was apparently asked by the White House to resign. Friday I mentioned my intention to [...]

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Thursday better be good!

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week have been ugly for investors. With bad news, more requests for bailouts and pending collapse of the American financial system probably on the horizon, its probably only wishful thinking to hope for a rally Thursday. Here is a realistic prediction of a bear market rally. I totally agree with [...]

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Does anyone else like pain?

It seems that the only pleasure of being in the stock market these days is the promise of hard pain each and every day without any serious hope of help in sight. At fist when all this turmoil began in September (some might say earlier), I used to think I was having a heart attack [...]

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