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Thursday better be good!

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week have been ugly for investors. With bad news, more requests for bailouts and pending collapse of the American financial system probably on the horizon, its probably only wishful thinking to hope for a rally Thursday. Here is a realistic prediction of a bear market rally. I totally agree with [...]

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Hmm…not bad..a three-peat

Could this be the start of something nice? Today was a relatively flat day which still meant for three consecutive days without any major sell off. Today on the Canadian side, some of the auto maker misery showed it face when the jobless data came out. In Oshawa, which is just east of my home [...]

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Another day, another delay

So the major two news items that are being broadcast today are the fact that jobless claims are at a 16 year high in the United States and I’m sure Canada will follow suit when they make their announcements. Secondly, going to my earlier post, after a brief rebound during the day, the stocks tanked [...]

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