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Monday Drops

Monday was another day where profit taking and negative news from Government really pulled the stocks down. Again, the two sectors to fall were autos and banks. Both were falling on negative news with (GM) falling on the fact that the CEO was ousted by the government and have been given an ultimatum to fix [...]

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Monday Watch:

With a good week behind us, the thoughts of a positive start to the week are starting to decrease as markets overseas head lower on poor bank outlooks (again) as well as the sudden resignation of the GM CEO who was apparently asked by the White House to resign. Friday I mentioned my intention to [...]

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Back on Nortel!

Thursday was a great day on the markets overall. With lots of buying entering the markets, many stocks are shooting up (some without true merit), but opportunities exist for all to make some profitable trades these days. Wednesday I talked about the jump in Nortel stock. I did not get in for myself but did [...]

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Weekend Update/Summary:

So this has been a pretty good week. I managed to execute some trades and for 2009, I have a perfect record of profit which is awesome. I hope you all are pulling the same results as there are stocks all over the board just ripe for picking. With Friday no different, I managed to [...]

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