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Wednesday Round Up

Wednesday was a great day for a play on markets. Personally I was unable to trade once again, but like I mentioned yesterday, bank stocks were a solid play. Another pair of stocks (FRE)/(FNM) that I mentioned last week were great jumpers today. Both doubled in price today (based on current after-hour trading). My holding [...]

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What is going on…?

britepic_id=”898289″; britepic_src=”http://bullsbattlebears.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/financial-crisis.jpg”; britepic_keywords=”stock%20market,%20financial%20crisis,%20recession”; britepic_show_ads=1; britepic_show_menu=0; britepic_href=”http%3A//”; So this week is literally taking the piss out of me…anyone feeling the crunch? The US government decided out of nowhere to change the direction of the rescue ship and are going in a whole different direction now. Okay, so some might argue that this is good, while others [...]

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