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Simplified Sunday #1 – How to start off investing – Part 1

This is part one of a weekly segment I will call “Simplified Sunday” I will try to simplify topics of various nature to help the readers. There is no point on wasting money on memberships or complicated books when your starting out and need some basics. To explore further, by all means grab a book, [...]

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End of Year Summary! Read for my profits & 2008 income…

So 2008 is coming to an end, and for me, stock trading is over for this year! As I prepare for 2009 and all the money that can be made, I reflect and share my trades and the income that I managed to make this fine year. For some, 2008 was a financial hell, to [...]

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See-Saw battle…

Well, I actually thought that there would be a small correction as we brushed the bottom and then things would start to improve..but sadly, I’m wrong. I sunk some money inot some shares of RIMM today and ALMOST bought a lot of Nortel and GM since both are a sad prices. Can anyone see GM [...]

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