BullsBattleBears is a blog for the average hard-working individual who is looking to increase their wealth without resorting to “get rich quick” schemes saturating the markets. This site is dedicated to providing unbiased information related not only to the stock market, but the real estate sector, and general products and topics that can enable for a better educated individual. Readers on this site follow my journey as I reach for a net asset of 1 million dollars and pick up tips and tricks along the way.

The world revolves around finance, and the objective of this site is to teach readers all aspects to enable financial independence. Since the inception of the site, the readership has been on a steady linear growth with readers coming from USA, Canada, India (top 3). Current readers on this site are comprised of 70% males with a wide spectrum of age ranges.

We offer articles that are important to teenagers, students, adults, etc. This multi-targeted audience has the ability to converge onto BullsBattleBears for a wide source of educational, yet entertaining articles.

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